With SECT you have access to qualified and accredited business consultants to help you with advice, guidance and support for your social enterprises or small business.

Since 2004 we have specialised in supporting social enterprises, charities and voluntary sector organisations and in addition have helped public sector agencies and private enterprises.

With our new focus on the three business critical areas of cost effectiveness and efficiency savings, revenue generation and profitability we are able to help you strategically and opperationaly be that with your partners, board, senior team, middle managers, staff or volunteers.

To help organisations maximise their development opportunities we have undertaken:

  1. Feasibility studies

  2. Research projects

  3. Business planning

  4. Promotional events

  5. Project management

  6. Financial management

  7. Strategic development

  8. Questionnaire surveys

  9. Business health checks

  10. Coaching and mentoring

  11. Grant funding and tendering

  12. One-to-one advisory support

  13. Information, advice and guidance

  14. Marketing and brand development

01706 212222

01706 212222