Social Enterprise Consultancy & Training Limited (SECT) is a social enterprise which aims to develop and improve the skills and knowledge base of individuals and organisations working in and supporting our social, voluntary and faith sectors through innovative consultancy and training solutions.

With SECT you have access to qualified and accredited business consultants to help you with advice, guidance and support for your social enterprise or small business.

We now focus our support on three business critical areas:

  1. Cost effectiveness and efficiency savings

  2. Revenue generation

  3. Profitability

To achieve the outcomes you want, whether you are just starting out, or an established business we have consultancy and training solutions to help.

In addition to our core services we are also able to customise and tailor a unique service to meet your specific requirements.

If you think there is any way we can help you, please get in touch.

Social Enterprise Consultancy & Training Ltd

Kingfisher Business Centre

Burnley Road




Tel:                01706 2122222

email:            info@sect.org.uk

01706 212222

01706 212222